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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the lor.sh moderators.

  1. Don't be evil
  2. Shitposting is evil
  3. Nazism is also evil
  4. And *phobia is evil too
  5. Any kind of adult content that includes underage persons is not allowed
  6. Keep local timeline safe for work
  7. Be careful with people that don't understand jokes, they can be offended
  8. Try to keep civil discourse even if the other side is not. Some people don't really know when their behavior is toxic. That does not make them bad
  9. Respect free speech, but do not abuse it
  10. Keep public content in English, French, or Russian. Don't forget to set the correct one in the post's settings
  11. Mention that you read the rules in the registration message. Otherwise, your account will not be approved
  12. Remember, each ActivityPub instance has its own set of rules. Other servers have no obligation to follow our rule set, but you can always block accounts/servers on your side
  13. You are 18 or older