Following my #StaticSite post, I decided to rewrite my #WordPress site in HTML/CSS and compare the performance. Here is the result:


It's funny, but your article motivated me to use SSG.
Performance doesn't matter for me. However, I now have a problem finding a static site generator that supports markup "microformats" for IndieWeb. For example, there is a special plugin for WP. But I did not find one for the SSG, unfortunately.

This is partly what I was looking for. thanks

@kev @touristfromhell @jle SSGs are more DIY. Some have written IndieWeb extensions for them. A lot more roll their own and then blog about it.

@randomgeek similar to WordPress to be honest. The plugins ass the basic functionality under the hood, but you still need to make it all into your theme.

There is a Wordpress theme or two where it’s all baked in and ready to go, can’t remember what it’s called though, it’s on their wiki.

I suppose that’s why it’s called the Indie web. 😊

@touristfromhell @jle

@kev @randomgeek @jle
It’s good when there is a choice. The main thing is not to mix the design (geometry, colors) and functionality (the ability to exchange data with third-party systems)
researching something...
It is possible that the SSG 'Pelican' is suitable after a little revision. I would like to try on IPFS. There are some ideas to check.

@kev @randomgeek @touristfromhell @jle

"The plugins ass" is a great summary of the WordPress experience.
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