populate repos.txt with large amount of random repos

git clone newrepo && cd newrepo && i=0
while read -n repo < repos.txt; do git checkout -b badactor${i};
git subtree add ${repo}
curl git_api_to_create_pull_request_to github.com/github/dmca.git

#TrollTheRIAA #ScrewTheDMCA

Хороший тред. Именно поэтому все новости о путинских достижениях в будущем времени twitter.com/prof_preobr/status

It just stopped working for me. i use lynx browser and youtube-dl with my scripts, but everything broke. it's no good.

One more update! @smpl alerted me to a torrent of youtube-dl with all branches and full commit history.

This seems to have been sourced from: git.osuv.de/star/youtube-dl

I've mirrored that repository here: codeberg.org/polarisfm/youtube

Here's the torrent: polarisfm.net/mirrors/youtube-

Here's the original Tor Hidden Service that contained the torrent (also has a download for the 7z itself): 3ednr4mi7zo5fpdghabu74furrr6ir

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The youtube-dl DMCA Takedown Notice signifies one thing: overt reliance on centralized service providers creates an inherent vulnerability for the wider community: the service provider itself.

Centralize too much, and the whole thing turns into a giant target.

Also, in case you’re wondering, no. This has not made youtube-dl go away entirely. There’s already a mirror up on GitLab. So, if you’re really so concerned about one, little piece of software just because pirates happen to use it, then you should consider just trying to get the internet shutdown entirely (which of course, good luck on trying not to get backlashed at for trying to do so). You can’t just burn a source code out of existence. That’s not how open-source software works. https://gitlab.com/PsychotherapistSam1/youtube-dl

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«Как понять, что Путин врет? — Он открывает рот»

Кто и как производит в России «Новичок» для спецслужб theins.ru/politika/236238

Yet another man gets sentenced for five years of prison for three comments he made on social media. There is at least dozen more people who got sentenced to prison or massive fines for wrong kind of commentary on this single event.

This is all you need to know about freedom of speech or justice in #Russia of today.

#FreedomOfSpeech #MeanwhileInRussia
October 19, 2020 – The Russian Reader

Выпуск инструмента командной строки Googler 4.3

Подробности: linux.org.ru/news/internet/159

Сын чекиста а Англии получил звание ЛОРД ЛЕБЕДЕВ МОСКОВСКИЙ это звучит гордо))). Такие блядь санкции. Никто нам не поможет

Sir David Attenborough and President Obama: The Full Interview.

President Obama and Naturalist Sir David Attenborough sit to discuss and contemplate the natural world at the White House.


From the comments: "The audio equivalent to watching Picasso sketch out new ideas."


Eddie Van Halen Jamming at his house in 1974


in English:
that's scary.
today In Nizhny Novgorod Irina Slavina tied herself to a bench and set herself on fire in front of Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs. woman left a suicide letter: "in my death I blame Russian Federation"
the video of self-immolation: https://t.me/bazabazon/4782

@[email protected]:

Baza опубликовала видео самосожжения нижегородской журналисты Ирины Славиной. На кадрах видно, как прохожий безуспешно пытается ее спасти


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