Finished the bulk of migrating my projects to #PHP 8.1. 👏

Just waiting on the #Wordpress ecosystem to catch up. And Dokuwiki.

Pretty pleased with this. Went much easier than 7.4 to 8.0, mainly because phpcs & php-cs-fixer cleaned up a lot last time. ☕


So Wordpress still isn't compatible yet?
What a shame, I've planned to update PHP too.

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@skobkin Core runs mostly ok on 8.0. Plugins & themes are a dice roll.

What about 8.1?
I was planning to skip 8.0.
I use a few plugins and most of them are pretty simple. But if core isn't ready yet, I'll delay any tries and tests.

@skobkin I don't have any running on 8.1 yet. A couple that seem stable on 8.0. And I don't think there's a big diff between 8.0 & 8.1.

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