#Fediverse developer preferences code-language wise 💻

1. #Python
2. #PHP
3. #Javascript
4. #Go
5. #Rust

Of course, if all Wordpress plugins (working and broken ones) and some OStatus tools are included, PHP might as well become number one.

@ngerakines @daycode Nice project name! 🍻 Would be handy if the README had a line or two of text. I would never guess what Tavern project is about, because main code is currently in non-master branches and the master README is empty ;)

@lightone @daycode Yeah, everything is in the release-amber-ale branch: gitlab.com/ngerakines/tavern/-. I'm making pretty good progress with it running on tavern.ngrok.io. The test account is @nick

@skobkin @lightone @daycode @nick Sure. I haven't worked the entire roadmap out yet. The main goal is to be 100% compatible with #mastodon, and also support activitypub poweruser functionality and features.

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