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Reddit shadowban me because I've written some positive things about Russia in comments to the news.

I understand that they're trying to get rid of interference, but I don't think that suppressing opinions is how it's supposed to works.

Account removed. Read-only times, again.

If you'll be at CCC this year and want to hangout, ping me!

Regular distro' approach for the new machine: "Ok, now I have a fresh setup, what I actually need to install here?".

NixOS approach: "Ok, now I have the exactly the same setup, should I remove anything?".

Which one do you prefer?

Guide to perfect British English:
1. Sorry.
2. Sorry.
3. Excuse me.

Sometimes a few minutes is enough to be a JPG after a long life as PNG.

My GitHub Sponsors profile is now live!

Donate if you're interested in the further development of my projects.

There's also a matching fund, which matches up to $5000 USD total in the first year on each of your donations.

Also, as part of project, we have a Gitea instance open for any users.

Converted my old Pentax K20D to near-infrared (870nm+).

I had never disassembled cameras before. Weird that isn't possible without soldering iron. Curious what's engineers were thought about repairability.

Mastodon is yet another mastodon instance.