@marek, there is also another side.

I started to seriously consider moving to the UK in the future only after Brexit, because of changes in the immigration system that becomes more welcoming for high qualified immigrants.

EU != Europe, and there is also a whole world around besides Europe.

@kravietz, yes I already got it and removed the message.

@amerika, well, most Russians have a European ancestry (Slavic, Finnish), live in Europe, and being a part of European culture.

So, it's not something they can admit, rather than something that they cannot deny :)


@kravietz, I'm sorry but this is complete bullshit :)

I don't see such thing as "corruption is good" in Russian politics nowadays. And evidence and life experience suggest that corruption is slowly dying.

I remember how it was in the early '00s and how it's right now. The difference is huge.

@kravietz, well, my circle at different times was a school, several universities, a lot of different cities and companies.

No one in my 23 years of living in Russia ever mentioned Dugin in discussion related to politics. Not young not old, literally no one.

That's why I think that his influence is exaggerated by propaganda.

@kravietz, no I don't see. In 2004-2005 it's clear that there are peaks for geopolitics when no one searched Dugin at all.

And later the amount of searches is just so small that there is no way to find any correlation (that anyway will not mean that there is causation).

@kravietz, Dugin was never popular in Russia, lol. Even in the '90s.

He was always considered a weirdo. If someone even heard of him, which is rare.

@kravietz, it's better to check what actually written here.

He is mentioned in the same list with the reptiloids and secret societies that control the world :)

So even your sources show that almost no one takes him seriously.


> It is. Dugin relied on previous pseudo-scientific publications by German, British and American authors.

So, how it's related to the people who use this term later? Now everyone who uses the term geopolitics is suddenly influenced by Dugin? Nonsense

> Without data it's not a convincing argument :)

Well, just run the search on the media and compare the number of pages with the amount of use of the word. I don't have so much time to draw graphs, sorry :)

Ironically, even RT uses "geopolitics" in English version much wider than in Russian.

> Nobody in Russian politics reads Reddit :)

It wasn't about Reddit, but about an alternative to the community.

We have our own Reddit, it's called Pikabu :)

@kravietz, well, you can think that the EU is a threat to Russia, but for me as a Russian, it isn't.

EU without NATO (e.g. with the common EU army) is actually can lead to something good.

Regarding Gazprom, let's wait until Nord Stream 2 will be completed, then it will be a fact it was a real or just another "EU concerns".

@kravietz, I'm sorry but this is complete nonsense.

1. Geopolitics is a very old term.
2. It does not used more in Russia than it used outside of Russia. If you compare search results in Russian and English you'll realize that it more or less the same fraction as of the user base.
3. It's clearly not so widely used in the mass media and political debates.
4. Even more, compared to the English-speaking internet, there is no such big geopolitics-related community like r/geopolitics.

Again, this Dugin bullshit is promoted not by Russia, but to portray Russia in a different way. So, for propaganda.

@kravietz, it's not about the EU. I haven't said anything related to the EU expansion, and I see nothing wrong with it.

EU is not an alliance against Russia. NATO is clearly so.

@kravietz, "west with the values" is the meme, lol.

Can I now google any parts of your message to try to find it in a book of some bullshit authors and then start to accuse you of being influenced by them?

@kravietz, well, the fact that they use some of the words used by Dugin does not mean that they support the rest of Dugin's bullshit. Or even know who is this guy.

First time I heard about Dugin on Reddit, actually. Never heard his name in Russia.

He has a bit of auditory in Russia, but his popularity and influence in Russia are exaggerated for propaganda purposes.

Like, you have even read the book thinking that he is somehow important, lol :)

@kravietz, I haven't heard about this sentence in the Pozner's talk, so probably you've watched a different one.

Regarding the cultural differences, I doubt it about solely verbal agreements, but rather being honest with someone. If there was a promise, then it should be kept.

Especially after the soviet union collapse and the end of the cold war. As we realized later, the cold war was over only for the soviet union, but for the US and puppets aka allies, it clearly has never stopped and just found new targets.

@kravietz, there was an agreement, but you'll not hear about it in the news, despite the fact It's already declassified by the US. Gorbachev was just fooled by the "west with the values".

Seriously, check the lecture by Pozner. It has a good explanation of why it's so fucked up right now. At the same time, he is not really blaming anyone, just stating the facts.

Source: nsarchive.gwu.edu/briefing-boo

@kravietz, Dugin is the guy who is promoted by the so-called West propaganda solely to keep fearmongering.

In Russia, Dugin is almost noname, and he influences no one.

If you'll ask people inside of Russia who is Dugin, I believe most of the people will have no idea who is this guy. And someone who knows will consider him a weirdo.

I personally consider him a meme of the US internet :)

@kravietz, there would be no need for that if NATO did not grow to the east as it was agreed on the time of the dissolution of the Warsaw pact. And it started to grow before any tensions with Russia, in the time when Russia was tried to join the EU and NATO.

I found interesting the lecture of Pozner at Yale University regarding this part of the history: youtube.com/watch?v=8X7Ng75e5g

Regarding the aid, it sounds like an "our aid is good, their aid is bad". In the end, it's just an aid.

I think that the only solution is to help countries be actually independent, it's the only way to calm tensions.

@kravietz, yes, she *actually* said that.

Independence from Russia? wtf? Belarus is definitely an independent country that gets from the relations with Russia much more than Russia gets from it. Why Russian gov do it? Idk, I would prefer to do not to aid countries just because they have almost the same culture.

However, right now it looks like the outcome is choosing between being fucked by Russia or being fucked by the EU. I would prefer Belarus as a really independent actor, this will be safe for them and for everyone else.

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