@davidak, it wasn't wide-used in Arch Linux as far as I remember.

Sure, automatic tests in nixpkgs tree are an advantage. However, it's hard to cover every package. Especially when we have thousands of issues and unmerged pull requests.

@davidak, actually, some maintainers of Arch Linux was using this approach since a long time ago. That's why it was so unstable, hahaha.

The nice thing in this bot that it's getting merged faster that if you'll do it by yourself. I don't know how to get write access, so usually, I have no other ways except waiting several weeks until someone will merge my pull request.

But if it's bumped by ryantm, then I can just say "ok" and it's merged pretty fast.


> No, it's propaganda if it's distorted or completely false.

There was a lawsuit exactly about it. They accuse the Dutch outlet of spreading "Russian propaganda" just because this outlet was anti-EU.

I'm talking only about EUvsDisinfo's point of view, not what's really propaganda or not.

However, I disagree that propaganda is only distorted or false information. Pushing "right" emotional response is also propaganda, even if information itself is factually correct.


Actually, they say that it's "Russian propaganda" if it's anti-EU. There was a lawsuit from a Dutch news outlet related to this problem, and EUvsDisinfo was fined (?) and forced to remove some articles.

Easy to find examples of EUvsDisinfo propaganda, e.g. I found this in 5 minutes: euvsdisinfo.eu/journalism-and-

They present journalists' laugh on a too-small increase of social benefits as the reaction to propaganda, which is obviously not true.

And there are lots of similar exaggerations.

Propaganda is not always factually wrong, but trying to push narrative and force people to have a "right" emotional response.

e.g. they call "Coronavirus helps Greta Thunberg" as the conspiracy theory. However, coronavirus is actually helped climate activists because lockdown shows how much air pollution is because of people. Not theoretically, but practically shows and you can "touch it with your fingers". So why they even call it a conspiracy? :)

@a1batross, это еще не страшно. Я вот когда на русском говорю ― начинаю часто произносить слова с акцентом, если такие же есть в английском.

Хотя вроде всего несколько лет назад уехал.

@drq @morosophos @hornyjesus

@a1batross, а, не всегда помню контекст чужих сообщений.

Собственно, да, согласен с тобой.

@drq @morosophos @hornyjesus

@a1batross, да и такого тоже не говорили.

Тот же Mastodon ― из коробки создаёт эти самые пузыри, потому что федеративная лента формируется из подписок.

@drq @morosophos @hornyjesus

@a1batross, ты так говоришь, как будто кто-то говорил «все в пузыре, а мы ― нет».

@drq @morosophos @hornyjesus

@sptnkmmnt, если teamviewer, то почему не на хост?

У них есть клиент для GNU/Linux.

@hornyjesus, более того, мы сами их же и создаем.

@drq @morosophos

@morosophos, кто виноват в том, что вы выбираете инстансы с цензурой?


@oelney, oh, if it would be so easy.

After Twitter and Reddit start to "fight with Russian bots", they are actually banned a lot of people completely randomly.

e.g. theverge.com/2018/5/22/1738063

So there's a lot of people that trying to find a place where they'll be not banned and censored just because they're Russians.


@sixo_fle, мне кажется, что Ложкин все-таки достаточно популярен. Один из самых популярных современных русских художников точно.

/* I think that Vasya Lozhkin (an artist who draws that picture) fairly popular [in Russia]. One of the most popular modern Russian artist for sure. */


@morosophos, она тут всегда была.

Разница лишь в том, что в Twitter царьки централизованные, а тут ― федеративные.

@kravietz, sputnik is one of the funniest propaganda websites that I've ever seen.

However, EUvsDisinfo is the propaganda itself too.

If you'll read carefully and will start to re-check their "checks", you'll get that they exaggerate some facts, and use wordings that makes even the funny video as "blatant propaganda".

And include real facts as propaganda of course, because there's no truthful news from Russia, right? 😅

// I've studied information warfare in university, so it's one of the areas of my interests

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