Also, as part of my project for donating to issues, I've implemented a cryptocurrency API library that stateless and pretty easy to work with.

Some parts are pretty naive (bitcoin implementation is a wrapper of electrum), but something that works is better than something that better but don't exist yet. If you know some way to do it better (unfortunately, I didn't found any mature light wallet libraries), I'll be happy to hear your thoughts.

All crowdfunding services for "support open-source" for some reason wants people to pay crazy fees like 10% of the payout.

So, I've implemented my own one:
― Simple;
― Zero-fee;
― Self-hosted;
― Multiple cryptocurrencies in the future (you can help!).

It looks there's still no generic way to add a menu entry to all applications.

In the end, I've implemented a minimalistic filesystem ( that mirrors the content of original .desktop files and adds entries that I need.

Enjoy GNU/Linux on desktop 2020, lol.

I think this can be the main use-case of for most of the users. Here's the demo of opening pdf file inside a virtual machine in one simple command.

Looking forward to integrating inside the desktop platforms (xdg-open?).

After more than one year I've complete my old proof of concept (with the help of cute NixOS fellows like @cab404)of QubesOS-like application VMs that works on every GNU/Linux distro.

Still far from being released, so I'll be happy to hear your thoughts!

Converted my old Pentax K20D to near-infrared (870nm+).

I had never disassembled cameras before. Weird that isn't possible without soldering iron. Curious what's engineers were thought about repairability.

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