Pretty interesting changes in Russia just in 5 years.

In 2015, 53% of people considered that we should help the homeless. Now it's 88%.

Same with people with HIV. 2015: 58%, 2020: 79%.

Same with prostitutes. 2015: 7%, 2020: 27%.

And same with drug addicts. 2015: 34% that we should help them, 2020: 53%.

And even with LGBT, it's slightly, but better. Compare to 2015 when it was 6%, now it's 9% and also 3% fewer people (21% -> 18%) of society think that we should eliminate them.

Source (in Russian):

@dump_stack for few of this groups «help» may mean very different thing for different respondents

@MrClon, sure. But not so much, because if at the same time "Isolate from society" is also lowering and "Leave them to yourself" growing, then anyway, in general, it's a great move towards less homophobic society.

And the most important part, that it's a natural change of society, not forced by anyone. This means it's real, not when they can answer because afraid of society's repression for being homophobic.

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