Have talked with guys from here in Mastodon, got these things:
1. Using MacBook is okay for privacy reasons. Calling the opposite is "elitist crap".
2. Keybase is good even if it's not FOSS and based in the US, but Wire is bad even if they've published all sources by AGPLv3, they're using E2EE and have servers in Switzerland, just because they've moved the commercial arm to the US.

Do I miss something or the whole thing "privacytools" is not about privacy at all?

@dump_stack Same for Signal.

I think they're doing a good job but a bit too much into the popular IT industry likes and dislikes rather than making their own mind based on facts.

@dump_stack It is a good starter guide and that is what most people need. I have never seen a privacy site that was perfect. I think the whole 5 eyes thing is overblown. Having a server in Grand Cayman does not make it more private than if it is in Sydney or San Francisco. Encryption and no knowledge does not respect borders. As for Keybase, it has some really great features, but they really blew it with the crypto fiasco. I knew it was going to blow up in their face when they announced it.

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