Looking for Application-level firewall for Linux (which should be the standard and come out of the box already, if you ask me)

Anybody had any luck with Douane? Where do I find packages?



@drq, after a brief look at the kernel module, I suggest you do not use it :)

Application-level firewall for GNU/Linux is one of the projects in my long TODO-list, by the way. I've already designed architecture (KISS as usual), but haven't found time to implement it yet.

So far you can use github.com/jollheef/appvm, there's an option to run application offline, e.g.: `appvm start evince --offline`.

@dump_stack cool, but I was looking for something like Little Snitch, which will catch everything leaving my system

@drq, yes, Little Snitch rocks. Unfortunately, I haven't found useful any implementations for GNU/Linux.

Without improvements of user-space integrity checks, all that stuff is useless, because if you're able to just replace binary at the path with your own then... you know.

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