Since you don't have additional lenses only left and right lenses are swappable. That's the coolest fashion idea this year dude!
PS: looks really cool, thumbs up.

@Camel, it uses 52mm filters. So, there's already plenty of them on the market.

Different kinds of shadow, ultraviolet, polarized ― whatever you want and stackable!

@dump_stack this is such a good idea. I have so many old strange lenses I should totally make glasses out of! inspiration!

@dump_stack ehsgshwihwv
This particularly the bestest thing I want. Any guide article? Or store place?

@Purrplenekoboi, cheap round glasses for a frame + filter adapter + filter.

Then you'll need to remove a glass from a frame, put a filter adapter (file and hammer will help you) and, finally, screw your filter in!

So it's actually pretty easy to do by yourself.

Parts that I've used for this project:

@dump_stack Ah wonder if you can order custom dioptric lenses from somewhere.

@Purrplenekoboi, there are several companies that making a prescription lens for VR glasses, I think it'll be even easier for them to make just round dioptric lens.

Then you can wrap it with a (3D) printed circle frame (the same as a filter, with thread).

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