Two months ago I asked @PINE64 for development samples of Pinebook Pro, because I wanted to implement the support of GuixSD before the official release. A got a positive answer ("We allow developer to have early access for Pinebook Pro"), but since then nobody is answering me how I can get it.

Seems like they are not interested in this kind of help from the community.

Probably I'll buy Pinebook Pro anyway, but these things make me disappointed.

@dump_stack We're very much interested in any community developers bringing more support to our platforms!

Did you talk to tllim about it? He's largely responsible for getting units to developers.

@PINE64, I don't know any of the developers, so I asked through [email protected] and [email protected]

I got a response, but it was about status in general, not regarding anything related to shipping/more info about what I want to do et cetera.

It's why after more than two months passed I started to think that I'll not get it. I didn't want it for free, but just to want to have some time to try to make GuixSD (and NixOS) work for sure before a lot of people will get it.

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