А пока Новая Газета вам объясняет, что это фуфломицин — в Японии Фавипиравир уже прошел третью фазу клинических испытаний: fujifilm.com/jp/en/news/hq/545

Свежие статьи с результатами исследований предлагаю прочитать самостоятельно, потому что в отличие от Новой Газеты — у меня цели манипулировать нет. Google Scholar с сортировкой по дате: scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=

В России вообще существуют настоящие СМИ, а не отделы пропаганды разных политических сил?

"Precursor is unique in the open source electronics space in that it’s
designed from the ground-up to be carried around in your pocket. It’s not
just a naked circuit board with connectors hanging off at random locations:
it comes fully integrated—with a rechargeable battery, a display, and a
keyboard—in a sleek, 7.2 mm (quarter-inch) aluminum case."


@kaniini I agree, everybody getting along is completely unrealistic and I wouldn't force such a standard on the fediverse. But that's not what I'm criticizing here. The problem is the blocking behavior by many admins and the way blocks work in fedi servers.

When I first joined the fediverse via a Mastodon, I had no idea that instances block others for god knows what reason. I didn't even think about this, I just looked for an instance whose topic and community looked good to me.
But as time passed, I noticed that I couldn't see certain users or posts on my instance that users I followed were referencing. I became aware of instance blocking and the different reasons admins give for their blocks (if any). Some made sense to me, and others... not so much.
The recent bullshit about admins blocking mstdn.io for it not blocking Gab opened my eyes on how badly instance blocks are misused by many admins. But what's even worse is that even if you are on an instance that has a sane blocking policy, the behavior of completely unrelated admins can affect your community experience on the fediverse. During this mstdn.io debacle, the only people who are penalized are the users of mstdn.io for the sole reason of being fucking EXPOSED to Gab. They didn't even have to BE "nazis" to get blocked. How fucked up is that?

This meme basically mirrors my experience with the fediverse up until now. I expected things to just work, but the reality is completely different.

I think that blocks shouldn't be forced onto users with no way to circumvent them. They should act as sane defaults that the user can partially or fully override in the settings via a personal rule list. Of course, this should work in such a way that no other user is affected by overrides one user enables. If someone communicates with a user that is blocked by default, then this conversation shouldn't be visible in timelines unless the current user has disabled the same rule.
This way, admins would still have full control over their instance-specific community, and users would have full control over their fediverse-wide experience.

Last time I described this solution, I was told that silencing is somewhat similar, but unfortunately it doesn't work at all how I'd like. It doesn't allow users to organically find other users from blocked instances via the timelines. Instead, you have to know about affected users beforehand in order to follow and thus unsilence them. If you wanted to see all posts from a blocked instance "instance.xyz", my solution would simply require you to uncheck the "block instance.xyz" rule. With silencing, you'd have to follow each and every user from instance.xyz. That's not only cumbersome, it also messes up your follower list and you somehow have to keep track of new users.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on this topic. I have absolutely no idea how doable any of this would be and what kind of problems might arise, but that's simply how I wish it would work, as a user.

Font rendering comparison for macOS between default scaling and 2x, and ThinkPad P1 with NixOS GNU/Linux (default font rendering settings) as an example from some other world.

All photos shot from the same distance. Don't pay attention to moiré patterns.

Если вы на данный момент находитесь в Беларуси — обратите внимание на Briar Messenger.

Это безопасный и децентрализованный месседжер с открытыми исходными кодами, который в отсутствие интернета работает через Bluetooth и Wi-Fi.


All the time when I'm installing NixOS on the server machine and forget to add swap.

Here are results of testing exploits from github.com/jollheef/lpe with the LKRG by Openwall (openwall.com/lkrg/)

For unprepared (no code to bypass LKRG) exploits it actually works well. Only CVE-2016-5195 (aka Dirty COW) still works.

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out-of-tree v1.4.0 has been released: github.com/jollheef/out-of-tre

Added ability to preload any supported kernel module just by a URL. It can be used to develop new mitigations and test existing exploits against them.

Checkout example of usage with LKRG here: github.com/jollheef/out-of-tre


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