Notes after one full day with Enterprise Edition 2:
1. Fits pretty natural.
2. Autonomy is quite okay.
3. Samples from google are good enough for a start.

Planned apps to develop:
1. Minimap like in MMORPG.
2. Speaker helper (change slides, read notes).


Original content is increases entropy and brings us closer to the death of the universe.

"Moscow and St. Petersburg were Europe's least safe cities this year (2019)" Mercer said in a regional breakdown.

That's pretty funny to read for me because the first time I start to be careful about street crimes like pickpocketing after my first travel to the EU.

In St. Petersburg I'm usually don't even care about my laptop on the table when I want to buy another coffee.

Don't know a lot about the situation in Moscow, but to being robbed in St. Petersburg you should be completely retarded.

Facial recognition debate looks like the classic "security versus privacy".

From personal experience, ― cities with LFR are generally safer.

However, there's no way to GUI decoration spoofing attack, because it does not copy window from the virtual machine, but use patched virt-viewer under the hood.

So the title in GUI decoration is the name of application VM, and it's the only difference between those two windows.

And here is the side by side comparison.

Can you easily distinguish between application inside appvm and that one which is run on the host?

A small but noticeable UI update for ― thin easy-to-use hypervisor-based sandboxing tool.

Yes, both apps on the screenshot are inside a virtual machine :)

Maybe after , there will be less people who are confused about the terms European Union and Europe.

inb4: LOL no

Have talked with guys from here in Mastodon, got these things:
1. Using MacBook is okay for privacy reasons. Calling the opposite is "elitist crap".
2. Keybase is good even if it's not FOSS and based in the US, but Wire is bad even if they've published all sources by AGPLv3, they're using E2EE and have servers in Switzerland, just because they've moved the commercial arm to the US.

Do I miss something or the whole thing "privacytools" is not about privacy at all?

Some new features for — self-hosted donation daemon for issues on GitHub (and others in future):
— Support of and ;
— Dashboard at , which is to collect data from all instances.

Also, as part of my project for donating to issues, I've implemented a cryptocurrency API library that stateless and pretty easy to work with.

Some parts are pretty naive (bitcoin implementation is a wrapper of electrum), but something that works is better than something that better but don't exist yet. If you know some way to do it better (unfortunately, I didn't found any mature light wallet libraries), I'll be happy to hear your thoughts.

All crowdfunding services for "support open-source" for some reason wants people to pay crazy fees like 10% of the payout.

So, I've implemented my own one:
― Simple;
― Zero-fee;
― Self-hosted;
― Multiple cryptocurrencies in the future (you can help!).

TIL there is a synthetic "interslavic" language which is designed to be understood by speakers of all Slavic languages right away.

And it works! At least for me :-)

It looks there's still no generic way to add a menu entry to all applications.

In the end, I've implemented a minimalistic filesystem ( that mirrors the content of original .desktop files and adds entries that I need.

Enjoy GNU/Linux on desktop 2020, lol.

Adding milk to tea without consent should be illegal.

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