Now there's documentation about Wire standalone server deployment.

AWS is not required.

Two months ago I asked @PINE64 for development samples of Pinebook Pro, because I wanted to implement the support of GuixSD before the official release. A got a positive answer ("We allow developer to have early access for Pinebook Pro"), but since then nobody is answering me how I can get it.

Seems like they are not interested in this kind of help from the community.

Probably I'll buy Pinebook Pro anyway, but these things make me disappointed.

Yesterday I watched "The Dead Don't Die" by Jim Jarmusch. The movie is something that doesn't look like "real Jarmusch".

Anyway, don't follow negative reviews. That's a good comedy.

A wayland compositor based on ideas from and inspired by xmonad.

waypipe is a proxy for Wayland clients. It forwards Wayland messages and serializes changes to shared memory buffers over a single socket. This makes application forwarding similar to ssh -X feasible.

Вот теперь заживем!

Тихо и незаметно LOR Wiki переехала на

Wiki по-прежнему поддерживается @mandala на железе @cetjs2, за что им огромное спасибо.

Пока тянулись руки обновить сервер до v2.9.1 — Gargron выпустил v2.9.2.


Русский перевод второго издания Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software.

На данный момент доступна первая глава (pdf):

Не знал о существовании Multi_key в и вводил всегда длинные тире и кавычки через C-S-u и код символа в Unicode.

2. setxkbmap -option compose:ralt

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