Some new features for — self-hosted donation daemon for issues on GitHub (and others in future):
— Support of and ;
— Dashboard at , which is to collect data from all instances.

Also, as part of my project for donating to issues, I've implemented a cryptocurrency API library that stateless and pretty easy to work with.

Some parts are pretty naive (bitcoin implementation is a wrapper of electrum), but something that works is better than something that better but don't exist yet. If you know some way to do it better (unfortunately, I didn't found any mature light wallet libraries), I'll be happy to hear your thoughts.

All crowdfunding services for "support open-source" for some reason wants people to pay crazy fees like 10% of the payout.

So, I've implemented my own one:
― Simple;
― Zero-fee;
― Self-hosted;
― Multiple cryptocurrencies in the future (you can help!).

TIL there is a synthetic "interslavic" language which is designed to be understood by speakers of all Slavic languages right away.

And it works! At least for me :-)

It looks there's still no generic way to add a menu entry to all applications.

In the end, I've implemented a minimalistic filesystem ( that mirrors the content of original .desktop files and adds entries that I need.

Enjoy GNU/Linux on desktop 2020, lol.

Adding milk to tea without consent should be illegal.


Do we actually need it? Seems like no one has really used it since the beginning.

I think this can be the main use-case of for most of the users. Here's the demo of opening pdf file inside a virtual machine in one simple command.

Looking forward to integrating inside the desktop platforms (xdg-open?).

I don't think it's a good idea to listen to anything about privacy from people who fight with third-party clients and who prefer to use the phone numbers as identifiers.

After more than one year I've complete my old proof of concept (with the help of cute NixOS fellows like @cab404)of QubesOS-like application VMs that works on every GNU/Linux distro.

Still far from being released, so I'll be happy to hear your thoughts!

It looks like investing time in the decentralized toolset (which Mastodon is part of) is not a fight for only privacy anymore.

It's fighting for free expression.

Reddit shadowban me because I've written some positive things about Russia in comments to the news.

I understand that they're trying to get rid of interference, but I don't think that suppressing opinions is how it's supposed to works.

Account removed. Read-only times, again.

If you'll be at CCC this year and want to hangout, ping me!

Regular distro' approach for the new machine: "Ok, now I have a fresh setup, what I actually need to install here?".

NixOS approach: "Ok, now I have the exactly the same setup, should I remove anything?".

Which one do you prefer?

Guide to perfect British English:
1. Sorry.
2. Sorry.
3. Excuse me.

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