Debate announcement:
Electronic and paper voting: which one is better?
7th of July, 20:00 MSK

Today at 14:00 UTC, tune in for Andrés Azpúrua's presentation on internet censorship, DNS poisoning, and phishing in Venezuela!

Watch the live-stream here:

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#imv2020 #Venezuela

Apple: App Clips is a micro app up to 10MB.

/me: du -Lh /run/current-system/kernel

Well... okay

Here are results of testing exploits from with the LKRG by Openwall (

For unprepared (no code to bypass LKRG) exploits it actually works well. Only CVE-2016-5195 (aka Dirty COW) still works.

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out-of-tree v1.4.0 has been released:

Added ability to preload any supported kernel module just by a URL. It can be used to develop new mitigations and test existing exploits against them.

Checkout example of usage with LKRG here:

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