@bouncepaw Nice :uxn:

Uxn is not only graphic, for example, my wiki is written in uxn, and generated through a terminal script: github.com/XXIIVV/oscean/blob/

Uxn is not really similar to Pico8, since Uxn is a VM. A similar project might be more like Another World: fabiensanglard.net/another_wor

To communicate with the host system, you can use the file devices to save/load, or the console to stream bytes. That's how the launcher loads roms, and that's how orca sends midi.

@neauoire A static site generator in uxn is something new! This is great

Will look into Another World, thank you

Re: communication. Perfect. I had an idea of a small graphic application that involved communication with the host. I considered SDL2 or Ebiten for it, but now Uxn is in the list too

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