Boletes, probably boletus pinophilus, grown together at the base and the cap.

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Barely reading the Fediverse feed nowadays. CC me for the cool stuff please.

@neauoire @cancel I had a similar thing happen with Fennel; someone on windows downloaded the compiler and they were like "where's the installer; I wanted an installer" and it was like ... why would you want an installer when you could just ... get the program that you were going to use the installer to install? I don't know if I'll ever understand windows users.

@alilly Yeah, only bad thing is when all you have is an error code and of course the documentation isn't available offline.

And text error code (ie. ENOMEM) >>> numeric error codes (ie. 12), URLs could be better but it breaks the offline part.

Кого бы позвать на концерт четырёх позиций Бруно?

Exponential grid with a steeper exponent. Very heavy ballpoint on A4.

Не знаете, как конвертировать номера месяцев и их названия между собой? Описываю свой алгоритм:а

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