Хочу сделать картинку как вот эти Meet the artist, только я там волосы подлиннее нарисую, мне ждать ещё пару месяцев лениво

if you were wondering what happens when oulipo.social (doesn't allow the letter E) meets dolphin.town (only allows the letter E): dolphin.town/users/e/updates/2

Smallest library in Italy. This retired school teacher followed his long life dream to bring books to local communities and reads the children stories

Paper really beats digital on everything for plein-air outside, imo:
✅ No battery issue.
✅ Super visibility.
✅ Real time high FPS gesture.
✅ Texture and no parralax.
✅ Mega cheap in comparison.
✅ Ecologically-friendlier.
✅ Lightweight in a backpack.
✅ No boot time or waiting time.
✅ Ends with a real art you can give (or sell).

❌ Doesn't have Undo
❌ No Selections, Filters, versionning, etc...
❌ Doesn't have hundred thousands color available
❌ It doesn't run Doom

@Camel how good is v.lor.sh for streaming? You have a vast experience with it for sure

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This summer I'll stream reading Compudanza's tutorial live. I want to complete the whole book this way

> restaurant doesn't take credit cards

Third world country berlin
One of the biggest shames and regrets I've had for my fellow humans is how the Unix "epoch-style" seconds counting time representation isn't synced up with leap seconds. It was a real set of head-ants crawling around in there thinking about how it gets more and more out of sync. Already 37 seconds out of sync since 1970.

But, today I started thinking about it differently. It's "amount of days times 86400". That still breaks down on days where there's a leap second, but at least then the breakdown is contained to that day.

Who was the first person to say rocket links regarding this Gemtext syntax:

=> link text

I suspect it was me. Is it true? Who knows?

it's done! this is the last KONPEITO mix, I held off releasing it because I am a creature of ritual but now I've been able to gift this tape to solderpunk to say thank you to him for Gemini and what it's inspired me to create.

digital version should be up on konpeito.media tomorrow as a thank you to you all, you who've listened to and shared the tapes, you who've created your own works around our underground Internet and you who've encouraged me and inspired others to create.

be well.

#KONPEITO #Gemini #lofi #mixtape

Medieval portal to the sea, at the 13th Century Tintagel Castle in North Cornwall

A metaphor. Federation is like buses, peer-to-peer is like personal cars.

(seeing somebody's ergonomic split mechanical keyboard) oh no! Don't worry I'll get some glue!

@felix saw your mention of Brutal Wiki in the rocket link article¹. Then looked for it on your site, seems to be your second wiki engine.

Can you tell me more? I couldn't find information on what it can do, how it looks and where is it.

¹: communitywiki.org/wiki/RocketL

a good trick if you can’t decide between two things: flip a coin. if you’re disappointed by the result, go with the other thing

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