TIL why every Windows program ships with a specific version of "Redistributables": because Microsoft can change even syscall numbers in a **minor** version of Windows 🤯


I've made a thing 🎉

If you're using the Zola static site generator, my new project can help you creating new posts.


The main reason I need it is because I didn't want to check what day it is today every time I start writing and also make managing tags a bit nicer.

I recall somebody posted a really nice NextCloud hosting some time ago, but I can't find the link 🤔
Any hints please, fedibrain?


There are three kinds of travelers.

Those who use and contribute to #openstreetmap.

Those who just use openstreetmap.

And those who don't use it :(

If you belong in the second group, let me introduce you to #vespucci and #streetcomplete.



A Rust meme found in the bottomless pit of the Internet

* previous instance DIDN'T federate

Edit toots: wheeen? :blobcatcry:

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I've figured it out. First, there is a ~24 hour cache, so one could probably just wait:

However, my previous instance did federate with the new one. The easiest way to trigger it is to follow you new account from the old one :blobcatdizzy:

Anyway, the migration is now complete 🎉

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Seems like boosting is the only way to bring your posts with you when moving from instance to instance 🤷

A thread 🧵 about my experience with big tech corps so far 👇

I wrote a small post explaining how to automatically switch default browser on schedule for Linux:


Hope somebody will find it helpful :blobcatsmile:

I've managed to enable scrolling through tabs in Firefox :firefox: with a mouse wheel! Turned out to be rather tricky.

Here is a blog post with all the details :blobcoffee: :

A good recipe for a calm and pleasant life:
Never argue with people who are not ready to change their opinion.

Before coming up with brilliant facts and researches that will refute your opponents, ask yourself: will it matter to them? Are they going to take it seriously?

In most cases, the answer is strong "No", so you can save yourself some breath and nerves.

This helped me a lot establishing good relationships with my parents and avoiding sensitive topics with missioners of various confessions 😁

I noticed that a suspicious menu option appeared when any text is selected on my Android phone offering to do "Bing Search". There was no way to disable it.

First I began to blame OnePlus for them to secretly partner with Microsoft, but it turned out to be a false accusation. The real culprit was... Outlook!

I had it installed for work reasons and not only it added that Bing Search option, but it ships with some part of their own browser, which is completely inappropriate for a MAIL client.

WTF, Microsoft? What does a mail client has to do with a web search platform? Why doesn't it use the system WebVew?

lang: RU, topic: Rust 

Сходили в подкаст DevZen рассказать про Rust 🙈

Normal people: sleep
Me: Oh, this looks like a dream! git init!

↩️ Revert unwanted events
✌️ Create branches with alternative timeline
🍒 Cherry-pick cool stuff from another dream

😱 Find commits from somebody else
👬 Begin to suspect that you have a split personality
🔐 Think how to prevent unauthorized local commits to your dreams
🌛 Awake at 4am angry with Torvalds for not implementing any protection from an evil twin

2/5, don't put you dreams to git

A small, but really important achievement from me: The latest Godot 3.3 release notes contain some credits to me! 😊


After 2 years of development, I finally completed it: t.me/roll_bot 🎉

In short, this is a chat bot for rolling dices (that was easy!), and searching for D&D 5e spells, monsters and items (I almost killed myself there)

The code is really shitty, but it works. Maybe I'll improve it after healing the burn out

Why it took 2 years? Rust was really tough for me and 2 years ago there was no async ecosystem that we have now, only plain Futures

I'm so happy, I managed to do this!
#rust #dnd

Helsinki is awesome! It is a rare fusion of modern city and wild nature, where everyone lives in peace.

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