A-a-a, they still inform passengers on Moscow mayor election in suburb trains! 9th September Carl! 9th September 2018.

'Joker' is yet another boring film. I regret spending 310 rubles on it.

Damn. I forgot to drill holes in my PCB before tinning.

Hey English speakers can you read this?
Just kidding.

"Thunberg's betrayal" of course. Sorry.

I'm also making cool keyboard. Here is a second prototype of my Chordne (Corne with chords).

Shahid-taxi drivers moved to a next level. Now they are using smartphones and wireless headphones to watch series and videochat with relatives while driving.
Checkmate texting drivers.

I wish I could write more on keyboards and computer stuff, but I find too many magic clovers.

If you're too lazy to lazy to setup normal VPN, try Cloudflare's Warp. It's like free VPN for mobile devices, but Cloudflare will probably spy on you.

Aronian lost to MVL at World Cup quarter final.

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Naomii56 followed me. I love mature women.

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