Debate announcement:
Electronic and paper voting: which one is better?
7th of July, 20:00 MSK

Looking for a moderator for a debate. Zoom, 7th of July, evening, Russian. Topic: "Electronic or paper voting: which one is better?"

Я не dump_stack, я зобаню. Просьбы без сроков не работают. Пожалуйста, найдите другой узел до 4 июля.

Today I'm gonna spend 3 hours to get to the voting section. And then 3 hours back home.
Votes matters, couch protesters don't. Even on fake voting.

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Теперь даже Красный квадрат может проголосовать за двадцать тысяч Сечину и Собчак. Присоединяйтесь!

#Россия #политота #мистер_н

Oops. OSP demo site doesn't allow streaming.

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I'm gonna stream me playing chess at 22:00 MSK on Open Streaming Platform.

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bucklespring, Nostalgia bucklespring keyboard sound of IBM Model-M

Just listen to bucklespring [1]! You don't need words to understand what bucklespring [1] does, list listen to the sounds. But if you want to read, here is s...

I wrote some code in Rust. Now I know that I'm just bad Python programmer.

Hey, Mastodon team, why can't I report my own toots?

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