For an unknown reason my Xiaomi works again. Hello again everyone.
New battery is stuck somewhere at Russian customs right now.

Finally I updated my own record of rating in solving chess puzzles at lichess: 1559 points.

Just saw second rule of this node "shitposting is evil". Am I breaking this rule since start?

My Xiaomi's battery got pregnant. Already ordered new on Ali, but for few next weeks I will be mostly offline.

This kind of handle is much more convenient then traditional knob.

Today is Forgiveness Sunday. Forgive you all. And you please forgive me.
All banned now unbanned.

Thanks to famous cuckold company, I switched to Bic.

Long ago I bought my first double layer DVD writer for about 50 $ and 5 double layer blank disks for 40 $. Today I don't have DVD reader at home, but 2 sealed double layer blank disks are still waiting to be used.

Wanted to make my very own Ergodox-like keyboard with extremely quiet RAFI RS 76 M linear Hall effect switches. But holy pasta spaghetti master, 12 € for a single switch without a keycap! That's too much.

Wanted to make pedals this evening, but my wife fell of a horse and broke it's leg. "Can you fix this💁‍♀️?" — "Sure!🤷‍♂️"

Nope, I was wrong. Mastodon leaves all messages you send.

Yesterday I noticed that Mastodon leaves only the last message when you reply someone. That's probably not a bug, but feature. But in case you never used Twitter...

Sorry folks. I haven't done anything with my footpedals yesterday. Instead I tried to fix up my microwave, ordered new turntable motor.

How to stop worrying about mechanical keyboards and start using them? I've found recently few very interesting offers, all cheaper then 100$: black Alps, MX blue, linear magnetic reed, clicky tactile magnetic reed. I want them all, but I don't have that much PC's to use them. More over I already own Topre, which is the best. But those magnetic reed keyboards are so cheap and so interesting to try.

23 of February and 8 of March are definitely the most sexists holidays in Russia.

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