Modern Russian burlaki and a tabletop copy of the Schwerbelastungskörper.

Should I have a beard?
Also Christmas decorations are really nice this year.

When spinners just got suddenly popular I already knew that I'm not gonna pay for that crap. I was waiting for a moment when everybody will be fed up with this and someone will give me one for free. Yesterday my plan worked at last.

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Глаза чудовищ. Почему в соцсетях готовы защищать российских палачей в Сирии

Вчерашний текст «Сноба», показался мне важным
Реакция соцсетей на кадры жестокой расправы над пленным сирийцем, предположительно совершенной бойцами «ЧВК Вагнера», становится ответственной проверкой. Важно понять, куда может завести привычка оправдывать насилие во имя государственных интересов

My wife sleeps with a penguin. Should I worry about it?

'Portwein' 777 marked as 'Three Axes'. At last.
A-ah, taste of youth.

This one is just beautiful. I find this Cheburashka even more appealing then cartoon version.
By the way, Gena is smoking a cigar.

This one looks like a shot from 'Heart of a Dog' by Bukgakov filmed by Bortko.

I have few more pictures from the book I mentioned earlier. More in reply.
This one looks like Soviet Dilbert comic:

Ok. Since nobody solved yesterday's puzzle here's another picture of the same character:

Should be easy now.

A quiz for millenials: who is this character on the left?

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