A friend of mine shown me RS76C on Taobao for 7 $ per switch.

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How to Do Code Reviews Like a Human:
1. Aim to bring the code up a letter grade or two
2. Limit feedback on repeated patterns
3. Respect the scope of the review
4. Look for opportunities to split up large reviews
5. Offer sincere praise
6. Grant approval when remaining fixes are trivial
7. Handle stalemates proactively


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#GNU #Guix 1.3.0 is out, woohoo! 🎉

👉 guix.gnu.org/en/blog/2021/gnu-

Lots of good stuff in there: usability improvements, performance improvements, #POWER9 support, and more!

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UPS, Ethernet switch, printer and a bunch of icons. Guess where am I right now?

Broken or not connected. Does not make any sound.

It works!
I haven't seen this kind of well in working condition for a decade.

Hey, @atom , what do you think on Movim — XMPP-based federated social network.

Woo-hoo, 1800 at last.
But have I got better, or is it a new puzzle system at lichess? I think both.

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Friendica in plural is a milk cocktail in Russia.

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@projectmirai39 I don’t think much happen. Normies will create their own communities and existing communities will stay as they are. Saying that “normies will ruin the fediverse” is just a toxic gatekeeping.

I’m more afraid of what will happen when large corporations will start to get interested into the fediverse and create their own instances. This is the real threat.

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