It's only July 3rd, please stop. I don't want autumn yet.

Standard keyboards suck, chord keyboards suck. I'm gonna make my own keyboard that combines both ways of keypressing. Most used letters will be accessed as single button presses, rare letters will be accessed with chords, but not layers.

Now cracking old Thinkpad is not the only solution for adding trackpoint. But probably very reliable. If you wanna get trackpoint that acts like Thinkpad's — get one from Thinkpad.

Basswood trees are flowering right now in my town. The fragrance is absolutely amazing.

I dream of a constant workplace. Not having it is a serious problem for such a lazy man like me.

Free Golunov!
Free Volkov!
Must read for all Russian citizens:

Done it!
Less then 1$ and swing is fixed.

I love my job.
Wait, I'm unemployed. Oh shi~

What materials are used for 3D printing?

By the way, previous post was more a dream than a plan. Elema is stuck, pedal are broken. I have some other things to do.

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