What materials are used for 3D printing?

By the way, previous post was more a dream than a plan. Elema is stuck, pedal are broken. I have some other things to do.

This is a keyboard that inspires me to build something similar, but using my retro switches from one of the vintage keyboards I own. Probably linear clicky magnetic reed switches with DSA keycaps. That's right, linear clicky.

Just left all group chats in telegram. Now I feel free.

Another day without having sex. Thanks God!

Yo-hoo, 15 puzzles in a row. And my rating now is 1466.

Yo-hoo, I got my rating in chess puzzles more than 1400 points again.

I'm sorry @dump_stack, I don't have much news to post. Elema is stuck. But I really want people to use federated services and appreciate your effort.

Anisotropic sticky tape is much stronger than I expected.

When did polls appeared in Mastodon?

It's morning yet, but I'm already tired.

Attempted first try to decipher Elema's type matrix. Failed.
But the diode is connected to 2 and 22 pins of the header.

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