Go, belorussians, go! And thank you for your support.

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Katz vs Svetov on Twitter, Trump, censorship and free speech.
Right now.

Asked Alexandr Plushev to ask Katz and Svetov about Mastodon and federated services on today's debate. You can ask him too. Use PlushevRepBot Telegram bot.

Have you seen Peertube-3? It's awesome! It has got live streams at last, and they work.
Check out this one:

Oh yeah! Katz vs Svetov on Twitter and censorship.
10th of January on Plushev's channel.

Today I learned how to fold a paper boat. For the first time in the last 30 years.

It seems to me Navalny has recovered after being poisoned with forbidden military poison. At least he's able to hold camera still.

My last achievement — "РТА-80" keyboard. Those letters are cyrillic.
More photos of the same keyboard in better condition on deskthority.


Running with a heart rate monitor is awesome. Highly recommend.

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